dukecard and printing

Mobile DukeCard Tasks

  1. Install Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) 

  2. Submit your DukeCard Photo as soon as possible
  3. Install Transact eAccounts for your Mobile DukeCard
  4. Set your DukeCard PIN
  5. Add your DukeCard to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet

Your DukeCard on Mobile

Did you know you can now add a chosen/preferred first name to your Mobile DukeCard? 

The Mobile DukeCard, available to Duke faculty, staff and students, provides access to all university administrative and academic buildings, as well as residence halls. It cannot be used to access medical center or health system buildings or doors as they use a different technology.

All mobile devices use the Transact eAccounts Mobile App available at the Apple App Store(link is external) or on Google Play(link is external).

You should use your Mobile DukeCard unless you:

  • Are unable to download the Mobile DukeCard because your device doesn't meet minimum requirements
  • Need access to a specific lab or Health System building which requires a Prox DukeCard

If you need a physical DukeCard, visit the DukeCard office to obtain one. Instructions for setting up an appointment can be found on the DukeCard appointment site

Note that you may only use Mobile DukeCard on your own personal device.

Preparing your Apple device

Preparing your Android device

Apple Wallet

When you add your DukeCard to your Apple Wallet, you can tap wherever your physical DukeCard is accepted. Simply hold the top of your device to the reader.  You can have any combination of (1) physical card, (1) DukeCard on your iPhone, and (1) DukeCard on your Apple Watch active at any time.  Your iPhone or Apple Watch must be turned on, but it doesn’t have to be connected to a network. You don’t need to unlock your device or open an app at the reader.  

Check out the Apple Wallet User Guide(link is external) for system requirements, setup instructions, information on using your Mobile DukeCard in Apple Wallet, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact the DukeCard Office if you have any questions about setting up or using your Mobile DukeCard with Apple Wallet.

Google Wallet

When you add your DukeCard to your Google Wallet, you can tap wherever your physical DukeCard is accepted except Prox readers or Assa Abloy wifi locks. Your Android device must have NFC enabled. If you have added your Mobile DukeCard to Google Wallet, your screen must be active (awake) but your device does not need to be unlocked. Mobile DukeCard on Android wearables are not supported at this time.  

Check out the Google Wallet User Guide (link is external)for system requirements, setup instructions, information on using your Mobile DukeCard in Google Wallet, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact the DukeCard Office if you have any questions about setting up or using your Mobile DukeCard with Google Wallet.



Manage your distributed paper and 3D printing across campus using simple cloud-based tools.

For paper printing, the ePrint system allows you to print from computers and devices to print stations throughout campus. Download and install the free ePrint software and/or apps to print from your desktop, email, or mobile devices on all platforms.

Download the ePrint Client software



The ePrint system enables students to print from computers and devices to hundreds of print stations throughout campus. You need to have the ePrint client software installed on your computer.

Or download the Pharos App to your mobile device and connect to ePrint printers. 

An ePrint quota is designed to help ePrinters recognize the cost and value of the service, and to encourage reasonable, sustainable printing habits.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when using ePrint: 

  • Eprint usage and installation requires an on-campus network connection or use of the VPN.
  • Do not use printers as copiers. If you need multiple copies of a document, photocopy it.
  • Recycle unwanted paper. Each ePrint station has recycling bins.
  • If the printer is out of paper, toner, etc., report the problem to the service desk or using ePrint Web.
  • Send each print job only once. ePrint Reprint gives you the opportunity to retrieve an older job from the print queue again.
  • Save paper by printing on both sides of every sheet.
  • Monitor your ePrint quota throughout the year.

Allocations for students

Duke students receive an allocation of $32 per semester in black-and-white laser printing at OIT's ePrint stations in libraries, computer labs and public spaces. If your balance falls below $9, you can request an increase of $8 to your printing allocation. Undergraduate students may request this increase only once per semester. Note: If you exhaust your allocation, your print jobs will be charged to your FLEX account.

Non-student allocations

Faculty and staff receive free black and white printing only. Visitors to Duke facilities who lack an ID card can purchase public print/copy cards from campus libraries and add value to those cards in order to be able to use the ePrint system.

How printing is charged

All documents sent to the ePrint-OIT and ePrint-OIT (2-sided) print queues will be charged at $0.04/page for single-sided and $0.02/page for double-sided printing (minimum cost $0.04). 

Undergraduate students may request refunds for black & white print jobs that are unacceptable in quality (low toner, smudging, paper jam, etc.). Follow these instructions to place a refund request.

Color laser printers in Duke's libraries and campus locations charge $0.15 for color printing and copying, $0.06 for black/white printing and copying, and $0.02 for scan to email - all directly to FLEX.

Medical and Academic Quota Exemptions

Students with a need to print more than the standard allocation for exceptional academic or medical purposes may request an exemption from the quota policy.  These requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. ePrint quota exemption form.

ePrint reprint

Duke's ePrint distributed printing system allows you to print a job again without running back to your computer. After you retrieve your job at a print station, the job goes back into the print queue for 15 minutes. If you need to reprint the job within that timeframe, just swipe your DukeCard at any station and choose the job out of the list of available jobs in your print queue.

*Remember Do NOT print sensitive or protected health information to ePrint.