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Printing, Scanning, & Copying in the Library

  • Printing with Eprint: Duke students, staff, and faculty may print from a library or personal computer and retrieve your prints on any Library or OIT release stations. All print jobs will be stored on the server for 12 hours.
  • Printing, Copying, & Scanning: Guide to the various printers, copiers, and scanners in the library.
  • Black-and-white printing is essentially free, but you have a quota of $32 a semester (about 3,000 pages). If your print balance falls below $9, you can request more printing funds for free at Color printing costs 25 cents per page and is charged from your FLEX account, not the free printing quota. 
  • View your quota or request an increase

Log into MY DUKE and click on DukeCard. (You can also visit the site directly at this link.)

Computing at Duke


Grad Student Technology Tools: guide to printing/scanning/copying, citation, cloud & file storage, and academic technology tools for graduate students.

Bible Software & Fonts

Bible Software: Accordance Info Page & Bibleworks Info Page



Reference Mangement Software


EndNote is a powerful research tool for managing your research and inserting formatted citations into your papers. Duke has a site license for EndNote and a web-based tool, EndNote Web, available for students, staff, and faculty. EndNote can be downloaded from the OIT website.


Zotero is an open source research tool that allows you to save, manage, and create formatted citations. Zotero is free and can be downloaded from the Zotero website. More information and links can be found here.

For further information on citation tools at Duke, see the Grad Student Guide to Technology (Citing).