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In addition to over 400,000 print titles in our collection, the Duke Divinity School and Duke University Libraries are adding several thousand e-books each year.

Check out a detailed guide on e-books at:

Can’t get an e-book to open? Check to see if it is checked out by someone else or if Duke actually owns the book. There are a few titles that are just “previews”, not the full thing, in our catalog.

Downloading E-books

Some books may be downloaded but each e-book vendor has rules to protect copyright. Some only allow download of a portion of a book, others will lock out access and “check the book back in” after a period of time. For those vendors that do allow download, generally you will have to look at the screen and locate the “my account button”. You will have to create your own free, personal account that will be separate from your Duke Library card account.


Searching for E-Books

Use the search box at the top of this page to search for ebooks in our catalog. You can search by keywords, title or author.



Reading: Quick View provides the ability to view an item within your web browser. A more full featured viewer can be accessed by downloading the ebrary Reader.

Printing: 60 pages with a free personal Ebrary account.

Downloading: One chapter or a range of up to 60 pages in PDF format. Some titles are available for download in their entirety and can be viewed using Adobe Digital Editions. These titles have a loan period of 14 days. A maximum of 10 eBooks may be downloaded at one time per account holder.

Transferring: ebrary has an app for reading content on movile devices, available from the app store on your mobile device. Directions are found on the ebrary Support Site:


EBSCO eBooks

Reading: Web Browser.

Printing: Users with an EBSCO account may print up to 60 pages.

Downloading: Adobe Digital Editions. Loan period of 14 days. eBooks may not be returned early.

Transferring: Transfer to a device compatible with Adobe Digital Editions is available. Non-compatible devices will require the use of an app such as: Bluefire Reading App. Directions can be found at this EBSCO support webpage.



Reading: Users can read an EBL eBook online using their web browser or offline using Adobe Digital Editions.

Printing: 64 pages when checked out using Adobe Digital Editions.

Downloading: Books in their entirety can be downloaded and read using Adobe Digital Editions.

Transfering: Books may be transferred to an iPod, iPad, or Android device using the Bluefire Reader app.


University Press Scholarship Online

Reading: Books can be read online via a web browser.

Printing: Books may be printed a chapter at a time.

Downloading: UPSO eBooks can be downloaded in PDF format a chapter at a time.

Transferring: Downloaded portions of an UPSO eBook is possible on devices that display pdf files. Using the iBooks app, one may read .pdfs on an iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices by following these directions: The Adobe Reader app is freely available on the Android Apps site.